Sort by ascending/descending (based on ID) does not work properly

I have noticed, SORT feature in document listing (sales invoice, purchase invoice) by ID or other parameters does not work properly. it displays incorrect sequence. pls check screen attached. any clues or solutions shared is appreciated

Where a series has a single digit and another series has two digits, it appears proper. If you go to check according to single digit, its sequence is proper, and if you go to check according to two digits, the sequence appears proper.

but we have created a single series in this case ECIB/.FY./.# so shouldnt it consider all numbers in ascending or descending. thats very normal right? getting this kind of display is confusing for user.

ECIB/.FY./.# → output: ECIB/24-25/1

ECIB/.FY./.## → output: ECIB/24-25/01

There is nothing to be confused about. Because you set a single digit in a series it sets that way.

got it. now if i select on SERIES Descending or ascending it gives proper sequence. understood. thanks a lot NCP :slightly_smiling_face: