Sort Child Tables

Does anyone feel the need to sort child tables?


  • Sales order contains lots of different items - based on customer requirements. (say 50-100 different items).
  • After the order is received, we need to split items for procurement (among different suppliers) and production. It becomes easy to split items and reduces chances of errors if we could sort item tables.

This was just an example; its use can be multiplied to simplify work, for multiple scenarios.

I think sorting the seems to very user specific. Since every business will be having different criteria for sorting.

In between, how do you separate the items for the further use case and which document do you create?


Our scenario:

We deal in more than a lac different products. We are in metal industry. (So different size, thickness, material (grades), products (fittings or pipes or plates), etc. So there are a lot of product clasification and subclassification in our industry.

We serve different projects, that have mix of products required based on final equipment made (say BOM of equipment).

Naturally order received by us is further bifercated into production (with related procurement of raw material) and direct procurement of balance items from multiple different suppliers (where material in not available in stock).

So Production orders, material requests and purchase orders are created from sales order.

Agreed. And so i propose following,

  • Configure sorting from customisations, as it may not be required from all child tables.
  • Ability to sort based on any field from child table (Currently not sure how it may work from user perspective)

Yes, I need this!