Sort order on trial balance report

Is it possible to change the sort order on the trial balance report, if I am using the SAAS deployment? Ideally, I would like it to be in this order:
1 - assets (I am able to rename this heading in chart of accounts)
2 - liabilities
3 - equity
4 - income
5 - expenses
Do I have to install the system in-house in order to edit these kinds of reports?

(Another alternative sorting method would be to use GL account numbers which I have implemented using the custom fields, and that seems to work well. If I can edit the reports,that might be another alternative for sorting)

@fblauer Is this a standard pattern? maybe we can change the default sorting to that order.

Fixed :smile:

Thanks for the very fast response. That is much better!

Now, I am trying to figure out the sorting order on the General ledger
report. It seems to be fine if I select only 1 account. But when I run the
full report, it doesn’t seem to be in any particular order (at the account
level). Most of the systems that I have worked with use account numbers for
that purpose. I added a custom field for account numbers. That seems to
work well. But, I am wondering if I am able to modify these kinds of
reports, or if that requires an in-house installation? I was trying to
avoid that for now, but I might have to open that can of worms at some
point. For now, I am focusing on the functionality on the different parts
of the system, and I didn’t want to get too involved with the
infrastructure side of things yet.

By the way, I don’t know if I mentioned that I think you guys are doing an
amazing job, (compared to any of the other projects that I have seen). I am
impressed with what you have accomplished. I am meeting tomorrow with
Bernard Lefebvre to see if we can team up on some ERpnext projects locally
or in the region. He seems to be much stronger on the technical and
development side. My background is more on the business and accounting side
of things.

But there is a lot to learn (like any project I guess). I am still doing a
lot of testing, which is a good way to learn, but at some point it might
make sense to get some training. Overall, the results are pretty good, and
I think that there is a lot of potential, and opportunity.

I have a few potential clients, and I havn’t really done any marketing. But
the first live client will be a good proof of concept.

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Thanks @fblauer for your encouragement.

Yes we have been nibbling away at the issues for many months now. Its not a perfect system, but its clean and modern.

So please keep the feedback and suggestions coming!

We understand training is going to be a big bottleneck and we have already started to build a video library:

Keep up the great work. I hope that I can contribute something to the
community, even if it isn’t necessarily development per se.

You seem to have changed the sort order, but added all the group headings, which shouldn’t be on a trial balance. (Only the financial statements). I find this even worse now. I really want to be able to print a list of accounts with balances - no groups. Now I find it really confusing. And how do you know if it balances if there is no total on the bottom? I can’t seem to be able to get a list of accounts with balances, either by printing, or exporting, or pdf? Am I missing something?

I think the only solution to sorting the accounts in logical order is to use account numbers at the beginning of the account name/description. I submitted an issue to fix the trial balance report, and remove groups. Maybe that’s how it was before, which was better than it is now.