Source Warehouse field in Stock Entry needs an auto filter to apply

Hi All,

I am not sure if I am doing something wrong, but my current setup is causing big difficulties to submit a Stock Entry during Work Order.

I created Warehouses to manage storage location in a lab as follow

  • Electronics Lab
    • ELEC-B001
    • ELEC-B034
    • SMT Assembly
  1. In Item, add an Item (ELE-RES-1806025) with Allow Atlernative Item checked - Stock = 0

  2. In Item, add a second Item (ELE-RES-1806009) - Stock = 1000 in ELE-B030

  3. In Item Alternative, add an Item Alternative to to link the first Item with the second Item

  4. Create a BOM with ELE-RES-1806025 needed.

  5. Start a Work Order

ERPNext will automatically create a Stock Entry for Material Transfer for Manufacture.

In the Stock Entry, the Default Target Warehouse is set to SMT Assembl. And the Default Source Warehouse is left blank.

Before Saving the document, the Source Warehouse needs to be filled for each Item. The issue is that with my current Warehouse structure it is very difficult to edit the Source Warehouse.

ERPNext is listing all my ELEC-BXXX warehouse but I don’t know in which Warehouse I have stock.

Would make more sense that ERPNext show me only the Warehouses in which I have stock, maybe sorted by so the first filtered Items is the first stock I should used.

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Please create a github issue suggesting the needed improvement.

Hi Nabin,

I created the following issue.

Thank you for looking into this.

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Hi Nabin,

Do you know if this issue will be addressed in the near future? This is pretty much a critical problem as I cannot realistically spend too much time trying to submit a Stock Order for production.

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This issue has still not been updated can I know the status on when it will be ?