Spacelimit on online user / windows install possible?

  • I was trying to implement erp in our organization. I was trying implement odoo and erpnext on parallel just to try some features. odoo has many features but I found it bit complex… on the otherside erpnext is flexible, but when I tried online single user version… during setting up things i have found that my space is limited to 150 mb… now if I upload some templates or images of few products even 20-50… I think it will eat up all space … I think there is no point go further with because after setting up i might running out of space…!!!
  • I love to use ubuntu… but many software we use aren’t available on it… it is not practical to restart machine just enter one vouchers.
  • is there any possibility to install it on windows ? or is it possible to install on one ubuntu machine and access on windows or mobile using lan or wifi ?

@svalambhia you could try to use the virtual image of ERPNext Just download virtual box for windows and erpnext virtual image and load it up.

Thanks, I did it few minutes after posting question… I already had that image and also loaded in virtual box but actually i thought that "Inside virtualbox, ubuntu will start with gui and I have open browser in ubuntu itself and then use erpnext inside ubuntu… i was searching for commands to start ubuntu gui!!! there was nothing to do there… it was completely wrong direction… I took screenshot of procedure I will post lateron…

@svalambhia You should not run this in a virtual machine if you are going to productively use it for your company. You should configure it on a Linux machine. If the size is a limitation consider the 30 day trial of the 5 user plan 300$ is going to be a lot cheaper than recovering from data loss or having to set up a linux machine.

The 150MB should be enough for the testing, our database is in use and doesnt even have that much.

The VirtualBox Image shows a Virtual Size of the disk to be 10 GB. With a fresh install, already 2.4 GB is taken up. Can you please tell me if 10 GB is an actual limit for the Virtual Box image? I need to do a full blown testing but do not have a clear timeline as to when will migrate to a fresh server. So need to understand if this 10 GB limit could be a show stopper during testing or this can be exceeded or enhanced?

search google for VirtualBox hardisk increase.