Spanish account chart template not compatible with v10


I have a problem with completing installation of ERPNext v10 when Spanish account chart file is copied to verified dir
(i copy apps/erpnext/erpnext/accounts/doctype/account/chart_of_accounts/unverified/es_account_chart_template_common
to apps/erpnext/erpnext/accounts/doctype/account/chart_of_accounts/verified/es_account_chart_template_common.json).

When I go thru setup wizard everything is perfect to the last step. I click the button for setup completion and wizard start setting up pressets, etc and fails

It looks like Spanish account chart template not compatible with v10. If i remove the file and try again with installation process, then setup complete fine.

I attach screenshot from the error. I can provide also stacktrace if someone can tell me how I can do that.

The problem is easily reproducible. I will be happy if someone help me to solve this problem.

Note: The setup is in production mode with supervisor and nginx with “development:1” in site settings file. Setup wizard doesn’t work well if i have the project started using bench start command.

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Ali Nebi

It appeared that tabDomain table had Domain related records. I deleted them and started the process again and now I have all those error gone except Address Template and Root Type.

@rohit_w can you please check into this?

Hi guys.

Any progress on this issue? It shouldn’t be that difficult to be solved i think.


Any development on this? Is there any way we can add the Spanish Chart of Accounts into epnext? Can you provide a link / readme file… anything?

@rohit_w @rmehta @surajshetty @snv, sorry to be a pain but can you guys confirm if there is any roadmap soon for the Chart of Accounts for Spain? I tried to do it manually but its so frustrating. I am at the point of hiring a developer to set up properly erpnext, but its the only thing holding me back. I see there is a problem with the root doc when trying to apply from the template after i moved it from the unverified folder.
is it that complicated to push the same template like they have it in odoo?

CC @Deepesh_Garg

H @Adrian_G @Deepesh_Garg :

The big challenge here seems not just importing the CoA.

ERPNext propagates account type (Asset, Liability …) from parent to child accounts. This way, child account always has the same root type than his parent account. Spanish accounting system defines some child accounts with different root type than his parents. so reporting (balance) will need being modified. And, probably, non-trivial customization.

Anyway, we are interested too and can help on this.

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Thank you for replying. It’s exactly what I identified when trying to manually add it. Is this an easy fix? We would like to have it done so let me know if you can help with this. Thanks again