Spanish Chart of Accounts

Hello, I’m new to ERPNext and I’m trying to fit all features to my own company. The first of my difficulties comes from Chart of Accounts. In Spain we have an statutory Accounts tree that I’m not able to replicate on ERPNext. The main issue is related to the inheritance of account type for root and childs. Could it be avoided that a child is inheriting the root’s account type? If that inheritance is removed we could do the following to fit the statutory tree, even though we should choose either Liability or Asset in an parent that has childs for both types:

4 TRADE PAYABLES AND TRADE RECEIVABLES (Statutory Root Account Type Liability/Asset)
|- 46 PERSONNEL (Root Type Asset)
|- 460 SALARY ADVANCES (Root Type Asset)
|- 465 SALARIES PAYABLE (Root Type Liability)
|- 466 Employee benefits payable through defined contribution schemes (Root Type Liability)

Any help would be very appreciated since ERPNext in Spain needs this to be used as an ERP. If Accounting cannot be derived in some companies could be a DON’T-GO, even though some transactions could be done.