Spanish Translation

We are setting up ErpNext for a Small Company and our main problem right now has to do with the translations.

The first two important things I noticed are these two:

  • Countries are not translated. Is there a way around it?
  • Quotations are inconsistently traslated: Sometimes as “Cotizaciones”, sometimes as “cita” and sometimes as “Ofertas de Venta”. While “ofertas de venta” is close, I think the right word is “Presupuestos” and I’ve proposed that translation for every string I found (and have karma) in the translation portal.

I’m currently trying to fix our invoice print and besides the untranslated country, I don’t know how to translate “DRAFT”


Use the portal to contribute and make the translation better

Did that where I could. I don’t have enough karma for some of the translations. And neither countries nor “DRAFT” appear at the portal.

Go to translation in setting and add a new translation as follow:

and the quotation / sales invoice / sales order i will look like this


That worked, thanks. I had tried it with Spain before but it didn’t seem to work. Is that case sensitive?

i belive it is. Glad i helped!

I don’t know what I did, but now the “Sales Invoice” text on the header of the printable invoice is not translated, and I think it was before. I know I can change the header “manually”, but I was wondering if there is a way to tell the header to use a translatabe string.

I tried going to Settings->translation and creating transations for “Sales Invoice” and “SALES INVOICE” but it didn’t work

You can add your translations via Data Import Tool.

xabitrigo don’t complicate, go to -Translation- directory and look for the language with which you have configured, are files with .csv format, you look for the text to change and you put it to your liking. In Spanish there are several files: es-CL.csv, es-GT.csv, es-MX.csv, es.csv, etc.