Specified expenses head changing automatically when i save the purchase invoice


While creating Purchase Invoice i have specified item expenses head as “Purchase Interstate”. But after saving the document expenses head changed automatically to “Stock Received But Not Billed”. I need to post that purchase amount under related expense account. Please help me on this.

This is happening because “Perpetual Inventory” system is enabled in your system. To know more check https://erpnext.com/user-guide/stock/accounting-of-inventory-stock

Hi Nabin,

If i disable the Perpetual Inventory, system takes the chosen expenses head properly. But in Balance sheet report doesn’t display the stock value under Assets group. Is there is any configuration to sync the stock value into the balance sheet report…? Please advice…

If you disable perpetual inventory system will not book stock value under asset automatically. You need to make adjustment Journal Entry to correct Stock in Hand (Assets).

In case of perpetual inventory, system books stock value under asset while creating Purchase Receipt. And expenses are booked while you deliver your items.

Hi Nabin,

Noted and My requirement is,

  1. If i purchase an item, the stock value should be added in Assets.
  2. Item amount should be posted into appropriate Expenses head while creating Purchase Invoice.
  3. Tax amount should be posted into appropriate tax ledgers.

For the above, how do i configure ERP Next…?

Help me on this.

Hi Nabin,

Waiting for your reply…

Currently this is not possible.

In case of perpetual inventory, stock value booked under asset in Purchase receipt but expenses booked in Delivery Note.

If you want to book expenses in Purchase Invoice, then disable perpetual inventory. b ut you have to book stock value under asset manually periodically via Journal Voucher.

hi Nabin,

is there a way to book the expense of a stock keeping item directly from the purchase invoice?

sometimes the item goes into the warehouse but other times we use it directly (expense).

looking to skip the “purchase invoice + material issue” transaction.

something like the “update stock” option in the purchase invoice.