Specify the shown values in a Link filed

Hello, I have filed of type Link and it shows all the values of a document. However, I want to specify which values can be shown in this field.

For example, I have a Link filed to the Employees in the Lead doctype. I have 200 employees and I just want to show specific employees to be chosen, 30 employees.

Is that possible in ERPNext? Because I don’t want to confuse the end-user with all employee names.

Example of how all values of a doctype are showing

Hi @Mohsin1990,

I think it’s possible.
First, you create a custom field or use the existing field to mention those employees.
eg. EMP1 to EMP30 department set = Department1
and EMP31 to EMP200 department set = Department2

30 Employees show in Lead for use Filter query(Department1) by Client/Custom script.

Thank You!