SQL Insert Issues

Dear all,

I am doing the following SQL INSERT directly in the DB.

It says query OK but when trying to query the item inserted, the terminal says empty set.

Has anyone encountered this issue previously?

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I think your query is false.

I read your insert query like that:
name = 123456791
item_code = GLINT0003
item_name = GLINT0003
item_group = All Item Group

So if you make now a select query with where claus “item_code” = ‘1234567891’, you will find nothing, because in your insert script the “item_code” was set to ‘GLINT0003’ and not ‘134567891’!


SELECT * FROM `tabItem` WHERE `item_code` = 'GLINT0003`


SELECT * FROM `tabItem` WHERE `name` = '1234567891`

and you should see your entry :wink:

@joelios Thanks for the reply :grinning:

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