SQL Query Report Failing with unable to find table `tabgl entry`

I am trying to execute the following query in custom query report and it keeps telling me that the table doesn’t exist!

SELECT name, account FROM 
    `tabgl entry`

However if I execute

SELECT name 
    from `tabaccount`

it works without any problems :frowning:

I have a Cloud Hosted ERP Next

"erpnext": "13.49.11",
"erpnext_support": "0.0.3",
"frappe": "13.52.0"

I was able to download the database locally and executed the same query on the workbench and it worked like charm !

So what am I missing here ? :confused:

Hi @Ahmed_Latief,

Table name is in Capital format like:

`tabGL Entry`

// etc ...

Thank You!

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Thanks a lot :smiley: