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I used to see some questions about Contract Management. People trying to manage their suppliers, with contracts.

All I can see until today was in CRM, or Support… It means that all is focused on Selling perspective.

I believe a lot of us need to manage the Purchasing perspective, or a Suppler Relationship Management.

So, exists a lot of workarounds… how to create a SLA to attend our clients, but, there is no place to manage the suppliers SLA… Exists a way to create subscriptions, but … its weak…

So, I suggest you to create a SRM module, with the hability to:

. insert Contracts - where you can provide some details and attach the signed contract.
. insert SLAs - where you can configure the agreements and KPIs, and control the performance of them.
. Control payments - where you can control all the flow, since the signature until the payments.

What do you think?


Hi @xickomesquita

Do you have any response or recommendation about this topic?

No friend… I mean, I can’t motivate a conversation about managing operational contracts…

HI there, I’m in the process of defining the SRM module for ERPNext, this is a “must” for getting ERPnext to construction projects management, including subcontracting of mostly services without materials.

The main goal of this app will be to fulfil requirements in the construction industry: projects as a tree, subcontracting, multi chapter quotations, and a better management for external labour contracts.

Great Roberto!!

So I believe we have a lot of capabilities already:

Categorization - We can code the items, but, if we have some UNSPSC categorization, it would improve the way we can understand categorization. (or create at least 4 levels of categories, as in the account tree).

Contracts - They exist, but… With what purpose? I couldn’t understand yet… So, I believe we have to create suppliers contracts, not only for the material suppliers but service suppliers as well… And those contracts have to create some relationships in the system, as Subscriptions, monthly payments, do the accounting of it…

Also, the Contract doctype would be called Customer Contract, and we could create another one as Supplier Contract.

SLAs - They also exist, but again in a Seller perspective. It would be great if we have a Support SLAs, and Supplier SLA…

Accounting - Maybe link all those suggestions, as they are in the purchase process? Maybe Create Contract > Set parameters > automatically create SLAs / automatically create Orders (if it have fix payments) or automatically create workflow to Order (I don’t know if it is possible, but, maybe create an order to pay, and, after measure the contract, input the value) / input the Payment / do the Account.

At the end, my message is: Maybe we have 75% of all of this done, but we need to integrate/duplicate some docs, to have a great SRM capacity.


Hi guys! I saw this topic here and I do have the same intention to create such a module.

I finally found the cash to incorporate my dev and service provider shop, so that we can find incentives to create these necessities.

As a bonus, I already have a UNSPSC v14 setup created, which can be loaded by simple JSON to ERPNext. It is in spanish though, but we should be able to create something in english. Send me a DM so we can coordinate efforts better for Contract / legal management and UNSPSC.





Hi, I’m able to joint the venture for writing new modules including SRM and other features.
I’m working on project tree, and quotations with chapters and subchapters, with subtotals by each chapter.

By the way, my work is mostly in Spanish, since I’m in Mexico.

Lets work together in this!


Regarding contracts and subcontracting, I have made this:

The contract is the “Purchase order”
The work estimation by week, or period, is the “Payment request”

Also, created a new “tax” for payment retentions, a common practice in construction industry.

The contract Doctype allow to create 3 different types:


So, to do not change the Doctype, I believe its simple to link it to a Supplier type, when this Doctype is searched by the SRM menus… But, It doesn’t do much things today. I understand that is just an informative registry.

To me, the best way to treat it is create a entry node in the process, to allow the contract to be the starter of a new payment flow…

Like this:

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Hi friends, any of you have done some improvement here?

Dear all,
Any update for this?

Hi guys

Any update? Actually we have almost nothing to cover purchase contracts in ERPNext, it is highly needed and could be implemented as standard process