SSH not working. Can not connect to the VM

I can see back up files in oracle virtual machine but I can not download the back up file to my PC through filezila as ssh connection is not possible. This problem arose after I updated teh ERPNext 7.x to 8.x and following 2 problems might be causing this:

  1. I doubt the Nodejs version is also not right. I don’t even know how to downgrade my Nodejs version from 10.xx to 6.xx

  2. I can also read permission denied.

I have logged in by using
username: frappe
password: frappe.

I can not login with

username: Administrator
password: admin


Did you tried to create shared folder in VM instance?

If you have shared folder then you van transfer files on a easy way.

Hope this helps.


I will be very happy if you tell me how to create a shared folder in VM instance?

It depends on host and guest
operation systems.

If you have Ubuntu host + Ubuntu guest
Then this article showing with pictures.

Don’t forget the guest additions in VM to install
In VM after the additions installation
to apply this user definition:
sudo adduser [username] vboxsf
In our case
sudo adduser frappe vboxsf

Hope this helps.