Ssl certificate

Running erpnext in vmbox on windows… v12.2.0
Just finished the website and e shop
got my static Ip
got my domain
made necessary changes in dns…(added ip address to a record)
Please help me on…
pointing to the domain name instead of localhost
installing ssl certificate (letsencrypt)
Thanks in advance


Not sure what OS you are using, but 1st you need to add your hostname to /etc/hosts: full.web.address

Then ensure you have enabled multi tenant dns… go to you bench folder and…
bench config dns_multitenant on

Your web address should work…

For SSL, enter the following:
sudo bench setup lets-encrypt full.web.address


Hi Abbas
Thank You for the tip
I did bench config dns_multitenant on - it went ok
/etc/hosts: full.web.address — this part i didn’t understand
I am running erpnext through virtual box in windows 10
any details will be of great help

ahh, got you.

Ok, you will need to edit the /etc/hosts file after your do dns_multitenant on.

That will take care of the erpnext part. For the Virtualbox, identify what IP address is assigned to your virtualbox instance (maybe check the settings). Sorry, I dont have VirtualBox installed. Once you have this, you will need to edit the hosts file in windows 10 which should be in c:\ Windows \System32\Drivers\etc\ hosts

ipaddress web.address

Give that a go.


Thanks a lot Abbas
Let me give it a try