SSL HTTPs on ERPNext Production Server Ubuntu 14.04

Dear ERPNext Fans,

I was following about 15 howto’s on setting up the SSL on NextERP Server, but none of them were successfull.

The Goal is to:

- Have every site of NextERP automaticly rediricting to HTTPS with a valid (not self signed) certificate. **
** so when I enter the Next ERP domain it redirects to

I noticed that many users have this problem thats why I answer the following questions. I would really aprecheate not to ask for any file or config dumps, because then this topic would be not different from the others and could not really be used by anyone else who just wants to know how to generally setup HTTPs on his NextERP Server.

1. Where do I store the SSL Certificate?
2. Where do I store the SSL Private Key?
3. Which files have to be edited (with file like url /etc/ssl/certs) (number the files for next question)?
4. What changes have to be made to file 1. 2. 3…?
5. Are there any services to be updated after this?

Thank you very much for you help.

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I advice you take a look at Let’s encrypt ( and their cert bot that can automagically setup a working nginx or apache configuration by typing two simple unix commands.
This is what I’ve done on my erpnext server (using Nginx) and it worked perfectly well in a few seconds!



Thank you glibersat, that sounds really nice but question was intended for those who implement a commercial certificate from Geotrust, Versisign etc. which is already bought and ready to install. Anyone having experience with that on NextERP?

I second what @glibersat said. Geotrust, Versisign etc I believe are crap. A long history of security blunders tends to fuel this opion.

Hey Guys …

I am on the same chapter, “How to integrate Geotrust paid certificate” into ERPnext.

Where to Store Files, (Cert & Key)
Which file need to be edited!

And what commands need to run for recompiling purposes!

IN my last post, MR Clark gave me a Suggestion with reference of ABC article which was Not Useful at All…

Hence, still hanging around for same Reason!