Stable production branch of erpnext

which branch is stable and best for production setup? I think it is master branch but it has bugs and pull request checklist says that we can only request for hotfix branch, why not master branch gets update?

Fixes are never directly pushed to the master branch. They are pushed to the hotfix branch first which is merged into the master branch, making a new release.

OK thank you for clarifying

pick a version tag and use that branch.

Hi, is this still relevant for today? I mean, I want to install the most stable version which can be assumed that I will not need to update ERPNext in the near future. Is it:

  • master?
  • one that’s tagged “Latest release” in Github: v12.16.2?
  • one that has no next revision: v12.15.0 (last revision of v12.15)?

There is no master branch anymore. ERPNext currently supports multiple versions of which version 13 is the latest one and is currently in beta (though being continuously used and tested for production by users).

The other one is version 12 and like you rightly said, v12.16.2 is the latest release under it.

If you sign up on or, you’re likely to get version 13 to start with.

Did you mean both latest release (v12) and latest pre-release (v13 beta) are stable?

In v12, no major/breaking features are being pushed anymore. The version is locked for its feature set barring bug/security fixes and enhancements/optimizations/regulatory requirements.

Whereas v13 since being tagged as beta will have newer features being pushed into it for some more time until the team announces so.

I would suggest you give both versions a try. v13 has powerful features and major enhancements/changes to desk to ease navigation, an all-new POS, and other updates throughout the system comapared to v12.

The original question is not very relevant anymore due the maintainers changing/extending support on versions and then changing how branches are managed.

As the question goes for production ready, you’ll find plenty examples of users trying out v13 in production environments as well. If you prefer waiting for some more time until the features are locked in, you can go with v12 and then update. However, that may come with its own retraining for some flows.

Hopefully this makes things a bit more clearer.