Staffing Plan not taking Department into Consideration

I am trying to use the Staffing Plan feature in the HR Module.

I noticed that the Staffing Plan does not take the Department filter into consideration and it should.

For example we have the designation “Cleaner”" and we have 5 Departments

We need to have one cleaner in each department. meaning 5 Cleaners in all.

If I try to set up the staffing plan for Department A and state that the number of Cleaners here should be 1, the system throws up an error stating that

“Number of positions cannot be less then current count of employees”

The system is obviously referencing the total cleaners in the company and not the number of Cleaners in Department A, even though this staffing plan is for Department A alone.

This requires a hot fix as it makes the Staffing Plan feature unuseable.

Thank you.


I have the same problem. How can we resolve this issue?