Stale ERPNext documentation

The ERPNext docs are stale and don’t correspond to the latest version.

I fully understand the volume of documentation work that needs to take place to keep documentation up to date as the product evolves but having stale docs is a huge red flag for user adoption. It impacts our capacity to properly implement the product but also to sell the solution to clients.

Any idea if there are plans to update the docs to reflect the latest product version?

Frappe is open source and help from others is therefore crucial. All the docs offer a “edit page” option where you can suggest revisions on the docs.

Most things are up-to-date from my understanding, so being concrete about what is not can make it easier to update that particular part of the documentation. I do not agree with the fact that it is a huge red flag if some things are not up-to-date. Frappe offers quite a few ways to find answers for your issues and many parts of the documentation are still working.

If you want to sell products to clients, you have to fully understand the product and know how to implement it. If the docs are very advanced, those clients would be able to implement it themselves right?

They might as well think “how complicated it all is”, back off alltogether and stop recommending it, or understand it makes sense to pay an expert who’s job it is to continuously run after a complete understanding of all the agile development changes (if continually compiling these is what your heart desires as a professional life purpose), or decide to wait until it has matured enough to be usable without too much hassle and external handholding/ongoing dependencies.

What if the product is promoted as “excellence manifested” but the documentation is sub-par?
There are many ways to loose the trust of clients.

Maybe also to earn it.
To a degree, all sides depend on each other.

Great to know that contributing to the docs is a possibility.

Also, just to clarify, we’re very excited about what we’ve seen from ERPNext so far. That’s why we’re just curious to know if there were official plans to update the docs, which is obviously no small undertaking.

Stale docs being a red flag is an individual assessment (as in personal, or company-wide), meaning it’s a red flag for us at least, although not necessarily for others.

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