Standard Audit File Tax (SAF-T)

Hi all,
We are contemplating the use of erpnext as it seem to be able to facilitate to a lot of our needs. However, the Norwegian authorities are implementing new business regulations for POS (point of sale) and accounting in 2017 where the systems have to be able to produce xmls on demand in the saf-t format (see link below).

Any one know if this is something that is in loop for erpnext?

Any system that does not have this will effectively be excluded in the Norwegian marked (and France, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Lithuania).

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Not sure which category this should go in to, so sorry if this is in the wrong spot.

Nobody who has any thoughts or input on the SAFT issue? Or have a way to set things up as a workaround it? Any input is greatly appreciated…

As far as I know this isn’t being worked on. This seems like something that you would need to have paid development on.


I am new to EN, but we are seriously considering it, does it have xml export capabilities or would this have to be written from scratch?

E.g. can one think to create or modify a report in accounting and then export this as a xml?

Kjell: Er det noe fremgang på SAF-T løsningen i ERPnext?

ERPnext kan exportere til csv. Men det holder ikke.

Min epost er dersom du vil ta kontakt.

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