Standard Buying Cost

We have set up the standard buying price list

In that price list we ave the cost of a widget at £1
I raise a purchase order to purchase some more widgets. This time the widgets cost £1.50
We receive the widgets, pay the invoice. Why is the buying cost not updated to £1.50?

Hi @Ron_Taylor . By default, pricelist will not be updated once there is a difference. if you want this functionality, you can add a script validation to update pricelist once there is a difference. Thanks!

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You will have to manually set it on Buying Price List if you want it be standard buying price.

@creamdory @KanchanChauhan Thanks for the reply, but I would have no clue how to do that

Am I misunderstanding what the buying list is for? I can’t think of a reason why the purchase price would not be automatically updated. If we raise a purchase order with 30 lines on it, we would not want to manually adjust 30 prices.

We have not used an ERP system before (just an in house one based on MS Access, that was perfect, but creaking at the seams) so perhaps I am just expecting too much

What is the “standard Buying price list” for?
Where can I see a list of the last purchase price of every product? (or better still the purchase price history)

You create Buying Price List and then use it in Purchase Order.

This documentation should be able to help you.

Hi @Ron_Taylor . As for the last purchase price, there is a button below Item Table to retrieve this info.:

As for the full documentation, see link given. Thanks!

I really would like to make the price list prices updates it self when i finish a purchase order or an invoice for a customer .
Any one can help how can i do this !?

Just came across same problem . I wrote a trigger in Mariadb to update price on change of valuation rate

Could you kindly share the code here?