Standard config key values

In frappeframework docs there is description of site config configuration keys (Configuration).
But what are the values of each keys?
There are value options like 1/0, yes/no, and values.
Is there any complete documentation about it?

Thank you

Hello and welcome!

The same documentation describes each key in detail, please read through. thanks!

Explanation for keys, yes. But values, not really. for example:

disable_error_snapshot Disable Error Snapshot.
disable_global_search Disable Global Search.
disable_scheduler Disable Scheduler
disable_session_cache Disable Session Cache.
disable_website_cache Disable Website Cache.

What is disable? 0, no, disabled, not active, false ?

And which are auto-created and which are user-configured.

Didn’t quite get your question earlier, you can use 0 or 1 Much better readability, please use true / false

From common_site_config.json:

 "background_workers": 1, #this is integer
 "disable_error_snapshot": 1, #this means 'yes'
 "dns_multitenant": true, #this also means 'yes'
 "encryption_key": "JpqqzCS80k4Jr..." #this is string value

Which ones are using 1/0 or true/false or enabled/disabled ?