"standard" print format for sales invoice


I googled many posts on this forum but none is exactly the same as my problem.

On my purchase and sales invoices, the “Taxes abd charges” table only shows the
expense-account number … not the expense-account name/description

Some “print formats” that I select prints only the names/descriptions of the expense account.
So I should imagine that it is determined by the html code on the server and that the
print format editor on the client side, only enables that entire “block” of data called
“Taxes and charges” and that I cannot do much on the client side to control if the
expense account number and/or name is printed.

I can find some of the print formats under …/erpnext/accounts/print_format … but where can
I find the “standard” print format for “sales invoice” ?


Are you trying to create a custom print format or you want to change the standard print format ???

Goo day @centaur

Thank you for your response.

Ultimately I want to create my own print format on the client side ( Print Format List).
But I would just like to compare the existing code of the “Standard” print format with
the “Sales Audit Voucher” code to see why they are printing differently.

The one is printing just the expense account numbers and the other is printing both the
expense account numbers AND the name/description.

I have already created my own printing format and on this new printing format I have
both the account numbers and name/description of the expense entries.

The only reason why I want to look at the existing code is to understand because so far,
before I wrote my own printformat, i have been adjusting the print-format by merely
selecting/de-selecting the fields to be printed in the “expense” part of the invoice. I did this
thinking that perhaps it wasn’t printing the name because I had to many fields selected and
I was running out of space. But clearly I was wrong … so to really find out why this is
happening, I need to look at the code.

So, I am actually good-to-go, but I would llike to understand.

The standard print formats are here

and for Sales Auditing voucher is here

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Appreciate @centaur !