Standard print format of SI has disturbed How to restore the original standard format?

The above image is the default original standard print format of sales Invoice.

And below image is my standard print format which has been disturbed due to some reason which I’m not aware of, and hence not working properly,
So my question is there a way to restore the standard print format as its showing in the default original format?

As you can see in the standard print format view the customer, date, Total Quantity and Total are showing one beside another I.e. aligned left and right.
And you can check in my standard format (disturbed one) they all are aligned in the left even after customizing them to left and right they all are being aligned in the left side of the format.

Hi @falahtech,

Please check in the print setting, can you change the style or not? if any changed then set the default style. Then reload and check it

Thank You!

hey @NCP ,
thanks for looking forward into it,
I have checked the print setting and there also the formats are aligning in the left side of the page!