Standard Print formats Missing on fresh install of v10 (bug) Fresh installs of v10 "unusable" due to lack of print formats

Opened a Git Hub Issue for this here:

I installed a fresh v10 server:

Installed Apps

ERPNext: v10.1.81 (898977b) (v10.x.x)

Frappe Framework: v10.1.71-8 (92dc1e0) (v10.x.x)

and I setup all the customer, items, warehouses, groups, etc.

When I tried to make my first sale in POS (or even in Sales Invoice) I get errors about being unable to print. When I went to investigate, none of the standard print formats are included as available in the system.

See here where I tried to add on of the standard formats in the POS Profile:

So When I saw there were none in the list, I went to the Print Formats list and found this:

Clearly the Point of Sale format is enabled, but it does not show up on in the lists.

So when I tried to print the same invoice from the Sales Invoice screen I get the following:

When I then try to select the Standard Invoice it is not in the list either!!

Only the POS Invoice is listed, but that one is disabled in the standard list of print formats and not even the Administrator can set it to enabled because it is a Standard Format and cannot be changed!

Here is the TOTAL list of Print Formats that were in the fresh install and most of the important ones are missing!! There is no Purchase Order format, no Standard Sales Invoice format, etc.

Where did they all go?

How do I get the Standard formats back?


It looks like I am not the only one to report this.

Does anyone have an idea about how we can get the standard print formats back?


Are the standard print formats built into the database or are they in the core code?

The reason I ask is to figure out if I install a new fresh copy of erpnext v10.xx and then restore my current database that any update to the code with standard formats would be there or if it would be overwritten with a database restore.

Still hoping someone else can verify my findings in the current stable v10 offering.


Ok. So I installed the v10 version of ERPNext again from fresh and there are still no Standard Print formats available.

This really renders the entire package useless if you cannot print sales invoices, purchase orders, or POS receipts.


Changed the title of the thread now that I am sure it happens with new installs.


Hi @BKM,

followed this thread but could not reproduce it so far.

The print formats should deploy with ERPNext, refer to erpnext/erpnext/accounts/print_format at develop · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

When you say “fresh v10”, is it easy install script productive with a downgrade to v10.x.x? Maybe something goes bust in the downgrade?

Have you checked the settings of the print format (should be correct by default, I know)? POS offline will require “Js” type, online POS and Sales Invoice from backend will require print format type “Server”.

Don’t know how to check the settings of the print format. Where do I look for that?

I used this command to install v10:

sudo python --production --user frappe --frappe-branch v10.x.x --erpnext-branch v10.x.x

So not sure if that is a downgrade action or not.


OK, this looks like a direct v10 install (not a downgrade from master). So should not be affected by any downgrade effect.

You can find the print format type when opening the print format from the list:

As you can see in the total list of print formats (picture in the very first post) there is only one print format available for the DocType “Sales Invoice” and it is called Point of Sale

Here is a screenshot of it and it appears to be type “Js”

There is no other print format available for sales invoice doctype.

There are several missing print formats and none that I need in type “Server”

That is why I posted this thread in the first place. Where did all the standard print formats go?

With the fresh install I cannot print:

  • Sales Invoices
  • Sales Orders
  • Purchase Orders
  • POS Receipts

and probably even more, but without those essentials I cannot even generate much else in the system.

Of course since it is a “Standard” format, it is not allowed to be altered even by the Administrator.


Ok, does anyone else have any idea how I can get the missing print formats back?


Added the GitHub issue in at frappe/bench github page:

Hopefully someone will pay attention. At this point v10 ERPNext is completely unusabel because you cannot print any of the most important documents.

Only developers can use it if they build their own new print formats.


No news on this issue? Have the same… Using the Stable VM and cant print invoices…
Please send some help

Ok, this is NOT the ideal but it will get you working. I do it now in order to get past the headaches.

  • Login as administrator
  • Type 'print format; in the awesome bar at the top of the screen and select “Print Format List” from the drop down selections
  • Select the disabled “POS Invoice” from the list to bring up the details.
  • Make sure the “Print Format Type” is listed as “Server”
  • Click the “Menu” button and select “Duplicate” from the menu.
  • When the New Print Format screen comes up, just type in a new name for the print format like “POS Receipt” then uncheck the “Disable” check box and click “Save”
  • Exit back to the desktop
  • Logout as Administrator and log back in as your regular user.

Now when you need to print an invoice, you can select the new one you just created from the “Print Format” selection box at the top of the printing page.

I also went into the POS profiles and made the new POS Receipt the default print format so that my POS functions would work again.

For some reason, once this is done, the standard sales invoice print format also seems to work when you use the full screen Sales Invoice entry screen to create new invoices. Not sure why the POS Receipt seems to allow me to get past the errors on the Standard Sales Invoice print format, but it does and everything works again.

Hope this helps