Standard Report Print Issue - Project

When I try to print a project using standard format, the print preview doesn’t show the tasks table. It shows only the project related attributes, and the task table is missing. Why?

Screenshot below - This is standard pritn format, and the task table is missing after the project level details.

If you are saying in Frappe -5 then

  • If you enter Some Task inside table ,save Project form then click on
    “Print” .then it showing task table
  • if you do not enter any Task inside table to that project and click on “Print” then
    it not showing task table.

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Yes, I’m talking about version 5. I already have a number of tasks for the project. In fact, it shows the tasks when I click on print icon. But then, when I give the final print, or pdf (the time when it opens a new window and pdf reader to display the report) - that is when the task data is now shown. I guess something wrong with passing data to the document writer (wkhtmltopdf?).

Any help from community? I’m adding more screenshots for clarity -

  1. This is how my project looks like when I hit print button -

  2. This is how the pdf looks like, when I try to view the report in pdf. Same happens if I try to print as well.

    The task details go missing when I try to view in pdf. I’m breaking my head to figure why it would happen this way.

@kirthi We resolved this issue a few days ago. Can you please update your instance to the latest and recheck if the issue still persists.

Beautiful! It works. Thanks.