Standardizing the Health Care

First I want to thank @Ranjith, @akurungadam, and @jamsheer from Earthians team for their great contribution of SmartCare into ERPnext health domain.

I just started testing it out. While testing it out, I find that some naming of fields or actions are not following the standards knowing in the health care domain. For example, Consultation is used instead of Encounter and so on… This could lead to confusion for medical professional and later down the road will cause problems in Interoperability using HL7 standards.

I suggest that the team should use FHIR specification where the names of resources are clearly defined and organized.


Noted, thanks. We’ll try to align as closely possible to the specifications in the coming updates. Created an issue on Github, please comment -

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Thanks @akurungadam I will try to find a time next week to go through the fields and compare with the standard names and post back the list in github.

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Hi @akurungadam , was going through my site (ERPNext: v10.0.21 (master) Frappe Framework: v10.0.22 (master) of Healthcare domain. I can see that the headings are still as Consultation. I agree with @ganas on proper naming convention. Other HIMS we seen use Encounter not consultation.

Thanks for your efforts though. Excellent stuff.


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@ganas How matured is the product now? Did you implement any large hospital(s)? I have an RFP to submit and looking for a partner company.

Work in progress, to get data from HL7 compatible lab equipment to ERPNext.

More logic will be added later on. Currently simple parsing of data is what we are doing.

Data is coming successfully into the ERPNext custom doctype


Went live in a hospital with this. Feedback will be posted here.


It’s been pretty good with HL7 integration of Mindray device.

There has been a time when unicode message stopped the procedure.

Some documentation to help get started


@aakvatech Excellent work regarding HL7 integration.

Would you be interested in publishing this as an app in marketplace? Frappe Cloud Marketplace

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Yes, we should publish it


Excellent. Please do.

Feel free to ping me if you need any help with this.

Hello, I am seeking guidance in setting up ERPNext and integrating into medical lab equipment. Would be grateful for any assistance!