Start a workflow to the request material to purchase order


I’m new here and with ERPNext.

I am looking for a way to set up a system for my company to facilitate requests for materials or consumables up to requests for quotations and purchases. The workflow is as follows:

  • An employee makes a request for material by filling out the dedicated form.
  • This form is sent to their manager for approval to proceed with the process.
  • After the manager’s approval, the form is sent to the General Services department. At this stage, the agent will check if the material is available in their stock. If it is available, they will approve the request; otherwise, they will request pricing and add the different quotations to the request form.
  • The General Services manager will choose the best supplier by approving.
  • The purchase order will be directed to the Accounting department, which will handle the payment upon delivery.

And I want to customize the request form like this :

Someone can help me to start this project ?
Thank you.

Are you looking for someone to help you with the entire implementation? Or do you have any specific queries in mind?

  1. Workflows can be set for the approval processes.
  2. Notifications can be made wherever needed.
  3. Custom fields (In your case a table multi-select field for the check boxes) can be created as required.

Hello @Void_Moon ,
Thanks for your reply.

First, I’m looking for How to customize the request form like the picture.
And, how to setup the workflow.

Otherwise, if someone can help me with the entire implementation, I’ll be happy