Starting a new business with ERPnext

I have been reading through the basics involved with starting to use ERPnext. A lot of things seem to relate to starting using ERPnext with an existing business. In my case I’m starting a company from scratch. it’s a microbusiness (ie just me) but will be contracting (and subcontracting) product development projects for one area of the business, plus it will be designing, manufacturing, and (bulk) selling niche electronics items for another area… So there’s a possibility to operate as a multi company, but maybe not necessary if that’s hard…

I guess what I would love to have, would be a simple ERPnext startup guide… the company is starting up so very flexible in what processes it can have. In that case, to me it seems to make sense to design company process around what is easiest to do in ERPnext. (please correct me if wrong)

Is there any kind of startup guide floating around that talks about setting up ERPnext as simply as possible to just provide basic usable generic company processes?

…or do I need to contract somebody who understands basic business process to step me through setting up the business processes I need, then go and attack the setup of my ERPnext instance after that?

@Julian_Higginson welcome to the forum!

The easiest way would be to watch the videos ( and do a few test transactions.

Once you start entering your own data, you will get a much better idea where you need help

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Thanks the videos, and they are quite simplified. I’m in search of beginning my own business and was actually looking around for new and advance support systems and of course the launch wanted to be an eye catcher, so that too going on parallel to this. So, can someone share the aspect of security when considering the data shared. I thought it will be the main concern one should be worried of, isn’t it?
I don’t know, I’m kinda crazy nowadays looking for everything that I can hold on to, to bring the business up and live. Even not letting out the offline advertising ideas as well. For example, the holographic advertising is a eye catcher. Idea that was shared recently by Grassroots Advertising (ON) in one of their blogs.
I think, I kinda dragged away. Okay, so the security aspect, am worried, but UX should be great.