Startup a ERP business

first of all
greetings to Mr. rmehta for such a great system that is one of the few ERP systems that easy to adapt and to use

my discuss is am senior accountant with 12years experience in the gulf region and i would like to start my own consultancy business here in dubai using and marketing ERPNext

as a start how am not IT expert but i have good background
i want to understand more the ERPNext and for that i wana know how to install it on server ( now i wana test it on VM ubuntu server ) so i can see what i need in my team that i will hire and whats my HW requirements as will

thanks all

Welcome Aboard Amer,

a person with good IT background can easily download and install ERPNext. Please follow the instructions in the following link.

i’m also in Gulf region and using ERP with out any challenge. i’m sure you’ll love it as you spend more time with it.


Hello @Amer_Alsmadi
you can go ahead with the manual here
you will get basically enough knowledge what ERPNext all about,
and if you want to be an ERPNext Service Provider you need a team with Frappe and ERPNext development experience

You can also start thinking about whether you want to do the consultancy + IT, or you partner with capable ERPNext IT vendor who could take care of the IT part.

Then you can focus on the higher part of the value chain such as consulting, project management and leave dev, operations and hosting to your partners [who ever that might be].


Any new PC will run ubuntu and ERPNext no problem. How many people will be using ERPnext at the same time? The more people the faster the machine required. I personally recommend at least 8GB of RAM. Currently AMD CPU are good buying. I like the AMD Ryzen 5 2600X 6 Core Socket AM4 4.25GHz CPU Processor. Otherwise a 8th Gen Intel i5 CPU. I agree with @Not_a_countant Maybe partner with an IT person or company if IT is not your strength. Also when testing out ERPNext pay for ERPNext cloud until you are up and running. No install hassles etc.

Also If building your own local ERPNext server get a NVMe M.2 SSD as your main drive. Samsung 960 EVO are great. They are ridiculously fast.
Not the cheapest option but small, power efficient and very fast check out the Intel NUC7i5DNHE NUC. The 8th Gen version will be released shortly.

Thank you for your kind words :blush:

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