Status not changing after adding workflow

I created workflow for project document with Accept and reject status.Before setting workflow status in project is percentage of completed task.But after setting workflow workflow status not changes,it shows only accept or reject status,i updated project_list.js file.but the status only shows as accept and reject,how can i show task percentage as status if workflow is set ?

Share screenshots and code. It gets difficult to understand the issue clearly without them.

Previously status for project document was like in the below picture(18 % completed etc)

I created work flow for project Doctype.Now the status only shows workflow status.

can i show the status same as before

You might have set status in Update Field. It will show the updated value only.

I gave value in update field.still the same.

can not access any value from docty_list.js file if i set workflow

Hi @Hafees_Kazhunkil! Can you share your Workflow setup for this? You can screenshot your setup in the Workflow window. Maybe we can pinpoint something that you have missed out. Thanks!

please check

Hi @Hafees_Kazhunkil ! Is this not supposed to be the percentages (ex. “10% Complete”)?

No.Actually i want to show percentage completed status if it the workflow status is in Accepted by Production