Status of Shopify integration?

I have been reading through your forum trying to determine if there is currently Shopify integration with ERPNext. I am unable to come to any conclusion. I know it was there in version 10 but seems it might not be in 11 or has changed somehow. I can’t find anything in the change log. Can someone who knows for sure please update us. I have been using a self hosted installation and was going to launch a Shopify store but things don’t seem the same as when I researched this in the past.


it looks to me as if the Shopify integration is part of the core code in v11. It does not show as App when you look into >Help >About any longer but searching the term Shopify with the General Search returns some entries

I’ve never used it, so can’t say whether anything is different in v11 then before though.

EDIT: btw … found proof the Shopify connector has been integrated into the core code in v11

at the same time, no folder “erpnext_shopify” in the ~/frappe-bench/apps folder anymore

Hello, @JDG
Greetings from Frappe! We wish you a happy new year, and we are glad to know that you are using ERPNext for your organisation. Shopify Connector works as fine as frog’s hair, our users are actively using it. Please click on the below link to learn more:
Hope this helps. Additionally, if you require prioritised functional support, you can ping us on /
Thanks for reaching out!

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the install instructions on that site are not relevant for v11 (as its in the core now) any longer, right? Does anything change functionality wise from v10-v11 @jaichavan?

I just tested for my version 11 test account and it works as expected! Please refer this link

Hope this helps.