Status or workflow dependent fields, status change history

Hi All, am new to Frappe framework, just saw a talk and demo of it in PyCon Hyderabad last week and want to gauge whether this would be a good fit for a project I’m working on. Had some outstanding questions which I haven’t been able to solve from the limited reading / viewing so far.

Btw the search functionality in What is Frappe Framework? website seems to be broken, gives “no results” no matter what you type in. So I tried navigating through that site but couldn’t find anything matching this query.

One core feature I have to build is: Status or Workflow management of my DocType. There are few associated requirements:

  • Depending on the status, make selected fields visible / hidden. Basically there will be fields added once the DocType has progressed to a certain status
  • Capture timestamp and some input fields (like: reason text) when changing a DocType’s status from one to another, preserve a historical log of a DocType’s journey through various statuses / stages.

Would Frappe Framework in its present form support this? Can anyone share reference links?

PS: Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this at; mods pls move to appropriate place if so, TIA

I think the Frappe framework would accommodate those two requirements.

  1. The framework allows you to put conditional logic to determine whether a particular field on a form is visible, enabled, mandatory, etc. based on the values of other fields. That is done from the low-code/no-code doctype form setup.

  2. There’s a flag to track most changes made to a document, and that can include status code changes. It will then track date and time of change, who made the change, and what the old and new values were. It can show those changes in the timeline at the bottom of the document, and you can pull from the database also.

You can find out more the Frappe framework and doctypes here: Create a DocType