Status "Submitted" in Sales and Purchase Invoice

Dear All,

In the allowed options for the status field, when check in the DocType, there is a option “Submitted”.
I just wanted to know if there is any use of this status and once the Sales or Purchase invoice is submitted, it directly goes to Unpaid status.

Submitted is committed.
This locks the transaction so that it cannot be changed unless you cancel+amend it, which would create a traceable history of who changed what.
Prior to submitting, the status is “saved”, but at this point you can still do edits

Hi @Vinod_Nadar. The status change from Submitted to Unpaid indicates that the Sales /Purchase invoice has been submitted and now payment can be made. You can click on the Make button to proceed to Payment. Once the Payment Entry has been submitted, the status will change to Paid.

Actually i have never seen status change to “Submitted” it directly updates to “Unpaid”.

I am asking because i am using the API to integrate to my product and i will have to build my product accordingly.

The “Submitted” status is not visible. The status change from “Draft” to “Unpaid” itself indicates that the invoice has been submitted. You cannot proceed to payment unless the invoice has been submitted. Hope this helps.

If your invoice status is unpaid then check your customer credit days in customer master.