[Status Update] Webshop

Hello everyone,

I hope you are doing well.

We have create a milestone on our github project to track the status of the Webshop project. You can find it here: Pull requests · webnotes/erpnext · GitHub

You can signup on github and comment on the issue list created and also on the progress of the same. If you have any ideas, you can share it via comments or by creating new issues on github.

So far, the sales server-side calculation code has been done. I am also taking this opportunity to rewrite the client side (JavaScript) calculation code, which will get rid of the floating point issues that some of you have been getting. Once this part is tested, we will release it (in the master branch).

At the rate I am going, I hope to make webshop releasable by 15th June, 2013.

If you have any suggestions, please reply to the issues created on github (preferred) or reply to this mail.


PS: The next status update on webshop will be done when it is ready for release. If you want to keep track of my progress, please keep an eye on the milestone / issues list.

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