Step by Step Guide on Email Notification Setup for Workflow

@clarkej Hi, I know it’s kind of a policy that no one should be tagged to a post directly unless it’s a reply, but i have a request that requires quick help. I’ve been using ERPNext for about 9 months and up till this moment i have been unable to set up email notification for workflow such as leave request and others. I have checked through guides online but i still can’t figure it out. I would appreciate your help on this one.

Hi @flexy2ky

Unfortunately I have no quick guide or help to meet your need.

But what I can offer you is my time and effort to solve this.

Please email me so we can work out something.


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Which Version of ERPNext you using? and You use in Ubuntu or in Windows?

I use ERPNext v10 and it is installed in GCP.

I think you can try on v11. I am using on Ubutu and seem it working fine.

I thought v11 is only available on the develop branch and it is still in being tested at the moment?

I used that version.