Step to make material request / purchase order upon new sales order and short of BOM


could anyone advice that how erpnext can generate material request / purchase order upon new sales order and the BOM is not enought to manufacture the order’s item.

Please advice or share me any link, been looking up this issue and trying but not succeed to trigger automatic creating material request.

Hi @gary_soo
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You can set reorder level to trigger creation of material request
Checkout our this video from 2:45 to know more about reordering Top 3 Inventory Problems - YouTube

Documentation on reorder: Auto Creation of Material Request

Will be happy to help if you have more questions after referring to these links.

I have set the product A reorder level to 15, reorder quantity to 20 and the entry stock only 10
after that i have create an sales order to this product A which sell 15 unit.

I have not seen material request is created automatically. but when i click pick list from the sales order, it tells the product A is not enough

My question is what do i need to do to make it automatically create a material request ?

Does it suppose to create a material request for me right now but it didnt ?

The scheduler checks the Inventory Level once at midnight by default.
If it finds that the Quantity is below the Reorder Level, it will create a Material Request equal to Reorder Quantity.

So it will only create material request once a day when checking at the midnight ?

it is possbile to make it create the material request whenever out of stock ?

Yes the system will check for the Quantity at midnight and create a Material Request if required.
The event of checking for Inventory levels is done at certain interval which is set as midnight currently.
You can change the frequency, refer the below link for more information on how to change the frequency