Steps to add new module to ERPNext

Hi friends, I am new to ERPNext and also I am new to python, my domain was Java Spring and Hibernate. I have successfully downloaded and installed ERPNext on my system. Now I want to add new module ‘Complaints’ in my ERPNext instance. I am ready to learn python as well as I want to learn the working flow of Frappe. So can you please explain what are all the steps which has to be followed by me to add new module in existing ERPNext. Hope you guys can help me. Thank you

Just go through following link:-
It will be helpful for you

Make sure you have developer mode 1.before creating new module

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To start development refer ,

Developer Document :

Developer Video : Session 1: Creating an App - YouTube

You can create new module via Module Def

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Can you please tell me what is this???

Please check…

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Thank you for your information.:slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile: