Steps to do a full manufacturing cycle/process and what doctypes to use

I wanted to understand the manufacturing module in totality.

What i understand so far is that we have 3 types of Manufacturing that ERP Next handles. i.e:

1.Make to Stock
2.Make to order
3.Engineer to order.

So for the 3 manufacturing functions/processes, what are the complete and most ideal steps in performing them to ensure success? eg:

1. Make to order
-Create Item to manufacture
-Create Customer Quotation
-Create sales order
-Create BOM
-Create Create Work order
-Create stock transfer for manufacture (To transfer raw materials to WIP Store)
-Create Job cards
-Create timesheets
-Finish the Work order
-Create stock entry to Manufacture (Transfer finished goods from WIP store to your Finished goods store)

Hope the above process is correct for the Make to order. What is the process flow for the remaining 2 i.e Make to stock and Engineer to order?

Kindly assist to clear my doubts on the processes and what doctypes to use.Thanks in advance

Request you to check out these awesome videos for understanding Make-to-Order & Engineer-to-Order:

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