Steps to migration master data from excel to ERPNext


Please anyone can help me to tell about all the steps/process for how to migrate master data for HR module (after hr I will work on project and account module) from excel based system to ERPNext system? or it would be great to share a sample of blueprint documents/case study so that I can understand each and everything exactly from requirements to implementation.

ERPNext is already installed, I want to let I know the exact process or workflow for uploading/entering the data in system so that to avoid error in future.

Appreciate help in advance. Thanks

ERPNext has a Data Import Tool which you could use.

Here’s the video of the updated tool in ERPNext version 10:

Download an empty template of the doctype, enter the data, and upload it back to the system. It’s all done with an Excel sheet :wink:

In case you are on an older version of ERPNext you can refer to the user manual (video included in page):

Thank you very much.
Yes. that I was looking for but also I didn’t get the answer for the proper steps to follow for HR module like which data is uploading first and then second for example to upload the data of employees first then salary structure and then what? how we upload for workflow or we need to create the workflow process. Thanks

you can refer HR module tutorial videos on Frappe School