Still haveing issuses with pdf attached to email

I have managed to migrate my site to a new server to try and resolve some ongoing problems i have with pdfs attached to emails however it is still not solved.

The problem now being, PDF does not show header or product images, formatting is wrong, all the text is justified left and there is an extra page. There are some posts by me and others about this or similar problems which do not seem to help me and some seem abondoned/outdated or not solved.

In order to keep this post short and sweet i am not going to list all the posts that i have researched regarding this issue, instead i would just like to mention that i have a freshly migrated system and have run the below commands;

bench --site site1.local set-config hostname “
and checked that “hostname”: “” was in my site1.local/site_config.json

I have also run bench use

neither of which seem to fix my issue also the link in my email is wrong and still points to site1.local instead of

NOTE: print format appears correctly and when i press the PDF button the PDF gets generated correctly, only the pdfs attached to emails are broken right now

Thanks in advance

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