Stock and Invoice History


I have recently imported all my custommers/products/invoices into ERPNEXT however i have specifically chosen to turn off “Manage stock” on all products because it would be a major mess if it started taking into account all the past. However now i want to set todays stock.

But ERP Next will not allow me to change products that have invoices attached to them from not stock managed, to stock managed!

Any ideas how i can set todays stock up and start managing stock of my products ?

I’m thinking im looking at reimporting pretty much everything just from scratch to set products as stock managed and then make a stock entry to put everything to 0, and another stock entry to put the stock at what it actually is today.

Any ideas on how i could go about this without having to start over again ?

Wish you had imported them as a stock item.

If you wish to maintain stock for them, then re-importing as a separate stock items is the only choice. You can create Sales Invoice for the stock item, without having impact on it’s stocks.