Stock Available without serial Numbers


I have an issue with stocks, I have some serialized items which shows qty available in stock with values, but there are no available serial numbers

In reality i don’t have any stocks, how can i make the stock qty Zero now

:thinking: @Ijas,

Please again check the item is serialized or not.

Thank You!

Yes bro its Serialized, since it was created

which version?

Still V14

Remove the filter from the serial number, just filter out the item, and then verify it. So far, in version 14, we haven’t encountered any problems.

Didnt quit get what you meant ? can you explain a bit more

Hi @Ijas,

Please remove the warehouse filter and only apply the item code filter and check it.

Thank You!

Got it,

There are serials Delivered and in other Ware houses,

But i need to make the particular warehouse Zero by issuing them out or by a Delivery note

for that i need the serials to be in that particular warehouse correct ?

Hi @Ijas,

Please check the stock balance report for that Item according to the warehouse. and check the total stock.

Thank You!


Hope this is what you wanted to see

Actually, what do you want?

I think, you have a check the Serial No documentation.

More reference:

Thank You!