Stock Balance Branch / Location wise batch wise report

We are using ERP Next 12.6…0 there is no fields or standard report coming for Branch, Location etc we use to get earlier

There is a filter for warehouse. What exactly is your requirement?

Hi Parag,

Build a SQL/Script report that lists the Stock Balance report for specific set of warehouses.

Or try to build the Warehouse Tree to include, at the group level, the warehouses you want the stocks for and then see if picking this group will give you the stock balance report for all the child warehouses under the group level.

Hope this helps.



Dear Jay,

We do have warehouse tree, we work on multi company multi warehouse environment, but issue here is earlier there was Company filter on every reports, at first than there was period selection and than branch etc but recent release cant find company filter and also accounting dimension Branch and location like warehouses filter at screen now its not there and not working as showing python error

please check both report one has company filter auto one does not have also there is similar way Branch and location filter bydefult earlier was there both filter missing in all reports