Stock Balance not generating report despite having transaction this year

How does this work? when i click on the generate new report

Stock Ledger

Stock Balance

is this a bug?

anyone know if this is a bug

anyone know if this is a bug

anyone know if this is a bug

anyone know if this is a bug

anyone know if this is a bug

anyone know if this is a bug

anyone know if this is a bug

What version of ERPNext are you using?

Try entering a Warehouse location and see if that triggers it to reload a report.

If not try clicking on the Generate button.

I am using v10 and it automatically tries to load a complete report of the fiscal year for all items and all warehouses. It may be that in newer versions this automatic reloading may have been disabled and you might have to click on the “Generate” button to get your report. I don’t know. I don’t use v11 or 12 but it is worth a try. I know that it is one of the longest reports to populate and it eats up a ton of resources when it is run until the report is displayed (most specifically if you have a lot of Items and warehouses in the database).



I’m using the latest ver v11.1.31.

I’ve done some investigation and saw that when i saw my past generation it somehow got stuck and didnt complete thats maybe the reason why it failed to generate. its now working fine. at that time i was using a lower version of v11.

can i confirm that this is how it looks right?

Yes, that is how it should look.

You should check the boxes of all the “Queued” reports and delete them from the list. You do not want them to continue to sit there and possibly be triggered to try to complete all at once some timein the future…


How did u solved ? my stock balance is not reflecting and not showing the report after clicking generate new report?

Same issue i occured in the version 12 .not able to show the stock blance report ? how to solve this can any one help me ?


Same issue faced. You can set ‘Disable Prepared Report’ in the report list of Stock Balance. Then the stock balance report will be shown


Did you find any solution? We still have this error :anguished: