Stock Balance Query Report api filter format

Hi ,

I have field ‘warehouse’ with multiple values a,b,c,d,e

I want to filter warehouse with ‘a’ and ‘b’ values in stock balance report api[‘item_code’,‘item_name’,‘warehouse’,'bal_qty]
&filters={‘from_date’:‘2024-01-01’, ‘to_date’:’ 2024-01-01’}

Please provide solution Balance&fields=["item_code","item_name","warehouse","bal_qty"]&filters={"from_date":"2024-01-01","to_date":"2024-01-01","warehouse":"Stores - FT"}&ignore_prepared_report=True



For single value fetch it will work , but i want to filter warehouse for 2 values , like warehouse = a or warehouse = b ,

Also even though i mention specific fields in fields argument , it will fetch all feilds

I believe it’s not possible because the warehouse filter allows for only a single selection, not multiple selections.

Ok ,

Thank You