Stock Balance Report and In&Out Qty and updating qty for submitted invoices


Is there a method to update the quantity of the purchase or sales invoice after submitting it? I need this because I need to have correct In Qty and Out Qty. If I used stock reconciliation or stock entry, this will modify the stock balance but will make the In and Out Qty wrong. This problem is happening because we are doing invoices with update stock option and we are submitting it, and later on we are discovering that we received wrong quantity, so we need to modify. Is there any help?

Actually I noticed that Purchase Invoice and Purchase receipt can not modify its qty after submit. Why? What if we need to correct qty for item? This is needed to have Stock Balance report that having correct In and Out Qty.

Please I need help for this and I appreciate the kindly help.


There are a couple of things you need to clarify before one can suggest possible solutions.

If you had entered the purchase invoice and realized later that you have received the wrong inventory quantities, what happens now to the purchase invoice itself? How do you manage that issue with the supplier?

However, if your interest is only to have accurate inventory quantities (regardless of your treatment of the purchase invoice), you can try using the Material Issue option in Stock Entry. This should solve the wrong quantities problem.

BUT WAIT…THERE IS MORE. Please ignore the rest if this is no issue for you

The next challenge you will have to address (as you capture the Material Issue) is the GL account you will choose as the Difference Account. Remember when you posted the Purchase Invoice (with Update Stock option), the system would have done the following:

Debit: Inventory Control
Credit: Payables Control.

When you capture Material Issue in Stock Entry, the system will:

Debit: Difference Account (as per default settings in Company master).
Credit: Inventory Control (this is correct),

Hope this helps.