Stock Balance Report button Issue

@kennethsequeira @fkardame
When we access Stock balance and click on generate a new report, it doesn’t give results, we need to click on the refresh button, then we get results but generate new report button gets disabled, if only we again refresh the window and follow same then get details.
after one use, the button gets disabled and can’t be used to get data


This is normal behaviour. When you click on generate new report button, system will to the stock balance calculation in the background. Calculation may take longer time based on the number of articles, parameters used to generate report, number of transactions in the system and server configuration. Button is greyed out because background task of stock calculation is already running and when you click on the refresh button, result will be shown if it is ready.

You can only click on generate report button again if you have changed any parameters to generate the same report.


Divyesh Mangroliya

okay thank you for Informing @mangroliya
But even if we change a parameter, generate button doesn’t get enabled, only thing makes it enable is the window screen refresh which leads to thinking user, that feature is not working