Stock Balance Report for all companies having parent-child relationship


I’m relatively new to Frappe Framework and ERPNext. I’ve been exploring the solution to learn this tool better. Currently I’m trying to simulate a scenario where I’ve got a list of companies (all having parent-child relationship). Now, as a user I would like to view the stock balance of all companies together in one report or chart. Can anyone guide me on how to achieve this?

Thanks in advance.

To create a custom Stock Balance report in your custom app, you need to make some adjustments. Currently, the Stock Balance report allows you to select only one company at a time. To resolve this, you should modify the filter to support multiple selections. Additionally, update the query or script to handle the multi-select option. This will resolve your issue.

Thanks for your response. Much appreciated. Could you guide me to some docs where I can make those adjustments (viz. modifying the filter and/or to update the query). I’m lost in sourcing the docs to help me achieve this.

Thanks and advance.