Stock Balance Report - issue with UOMs

In the Stock Balance Report, for some of the items which already have a Stock UOM set as drums, the Stock UOM in report is showing up as Nos.

Anyone has observed similar behavior? Any ideas as how to rectify?

Thanks for your help!

Can you raise this at GitHub Issues?

Hi Team,

I solve this issue.
In Stock Balance Report,
Currently we are fetching stock_uom from Stock Ledger Entry.
If we fetch stock_uom from Item then we will get correct result.

solving this, I found one strange behavior, Delivery Notes makes Stock
Ledger Entry with wrong stock_uom. We have also solve this bug. (thank
@BhupeshGupta and

If you run the below query, you can trace result for delivery note.

select item_code, warehouse, posting_date, actual_qty, 
valuation_rate,stock_uom, company, voucher_type, 
qty_after_transaction,stock_value_difference from `tabStock Ledger Entry`;

Can you please check this issue? or Can I send pull request for this?



Fixing in above query is temporary solution. We have to find out the root cause, why stock_uom is going wrong in case of Delivery Note? I can’t replicate it locally. But it is a serious issue, if you found out the root cause, please send the PR. Otherwise, we can check into the issue via screen sharing.

delivery note’s item dict contains uom,
If we change uom to stock_uom, our problem solves
I will send pull request for better understanding.

I have send pull request. #2803
Please review it.
for replicating issue we can share screen. I can show this issue in my local machine.

Thanks, merged the PR :smile:
Also pushed a patch to fix stock_uom in existing sle update stock uo in sle for DN · frappe/erpnext@ad3fd51 · GitHub

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Thanks for the patch,
This will fix my existing sle :slight_smile:

one more question,
We have custom requirement similar to this issue.
Per unit Cost in Stock Balance report .

Currently, I am fetching Last Purchase Rate from Item.
I need suggestion, which is best way/value of showing Unit Rate For Item.